MEDTECH High Committees Client Charter




We promise to,


  • Reply to inquiry in three (3) working days after submission in MEDTECH website;
  • Assign representatives, such as Secretary Project and Person-in-Charge for the project three (3) working days after inquiry, except for ad-hoc projects;
  • Issue invoice(s) three (3) working days after mutual agreement between MEDTECH and client is achieved, and two (2) working days for subsequent invoices due to changes requested by client;
  • Issue delivery order(s) within three (3) working days after the agreed final draft (for videos and photos) or post-event (Technical Crew services) or together with the products (for merchandises);
  • Issue receipt within one (1) working day after the payment is cleared in MEDTECH bank account or cash through Treasurer I; and
  • Inquire feedback(s) from the clients and improve our service based on our MEDTECH Code of Ethics.





We promise to,


  • Decide departmental events approval within seven (7) working days after proposal submission;
  • Release payment within three (3) working days after client payment clearance to the respective Person-in-Charge, Department and Secretary Project;
  • Approve departmental event budget together with departmental events approval;
  • Consider MEDTECH Group I events two (2) months before the proposed date of the event, one (1) month for Group II events and fourteen (14) working days for Group III events;
  • Call for meeting availability within five (5) days before the proposed meeting; and
  • To manage the club with utmost commitment and integrity.

Finance and Marketing Department Client Charter


Merchandise handling and distribution


By understanding our customers' needs, we strive to provide our customers with

products and services that are best suited and beneficial for them.


  • We will strive to prepare various and new merchandises that will suit and fulfill the ever-growing demand of our customers
  • We will try to come up with new merchandise every two semesters to increase the variability of the merchandises sold.
  • We will analyze and evaluate the market in order to provide the best merchandise to the customers
  • We strive to make sure that our stocks are stored properly to ensure its longevity.
  • We promise to have an updated stock of the merchandises to avoid any inconveniences and to ensure that we can provide the best services to our customers




Within our department, we strive to provide the best services within our capability in

these sectors. We strive to market MEDTECH services within and outside of UTP



The charter reiterates our commitment to :

  • To ensure that the members of our departments are available to provide the best services to our customers, we are trained on our products and services.
  • Our commitment is to provide and promote a range of products and services that meet our customers demands.
  • We promise to provide and promote high standards of customer service and monitor these standards rigorously
  • We are to treat the clients fairly, openly and honestly with a pro-active client focused service.


Service Level


To set clear timeline for claims settlement process and strive to settle claims within these prescribed timelines and in a transparent manner by adopting the following procedures:


  • Clients will be informed with the estimated time taken after their request for MEDTECH services have been processed. The expected time taken will be between 3-5 working days.
  • The client will be contacted via email or phone by the person in charge.
  • We ensure to process our client’s complaints in within the given working days in order to provide the best and highest quality service while balancing the best interest of MEDTECH and the clients.
  • We strive to build a long lasting relationship between our clients that shares our values and believes in providing the best services while enhancing our professionalism.
  • We strive to learn from our clients and adhere to their demands. We make sure to improve our services for the future clients



Creative Multimedia Department Client Charter

Corporate Communication Department


Social Media

All media contacts should, in the first instance, be referred to the Creative Multimedia Department

(CMD). In many cases, a department head will be asked to respond. For matters relating to posting

posters of important events, such as Hari Raya or Examination poster; the High Committees are

the ones who should be referred to before posting them to MEDTECH social media accounts.

When handling MEDTECH social media account(s), one should:

  • Ensure that the caption/content of the post is approved by the Executive Committee of
  • Corporate Communication Department before posting it.
  • Keep the password(s) of the MEDTECH social media account(s) properly and do not share
  • them with others.
  • Not post sensitive issues on the social media account(s) that could cause controversy.
  • Project Manager
  • For any internal events organized by UTP MEDTECH Club, a Project Manager (PM) will be
  • selected from Corporate Communication Department. The project manager will be in charge of
  • handling and organizing the project to ensure that it runs smoothly. The PM must :
  • Select committee members for the project by enquiring recommendations from respective
  • departments’ Executive Committees.
  • Run and ensure the process of the project planning is smooth.
  • Follow the Line of Authority (LOA) when passing on information or making decisions.


Secretary Project

The Secretary Project (SP) is the Person In Charge (PIC) who will be handling the documentation

of a UTP MEDTECH Club external project as well as being the middle person between the client

and the Person In Charge from CMD. Any requests and/or changes during the project must be

recorded by the SP. As a Secretary Project (SP), he/she must :

  • Take full responsibility on the project assigned to.
  • Follow the guidelines and procedures when dealing with the client.
  • Follow the Line of Authority (LOA) when passing on information or making decisions.
  • Ensure all documentations of the report of the project are well kept for future reference for
  • the client or the club.
  • Ensure the bond between the client and the club is always strong to ensure the quality of
  • the product of the project.
  • Always be in MEDTECH Duty Attire when performing duties as a Secretary Project.

Technical Crew Client Charter

UTP MEDTECH Club is an organisation consists of UTP students that are interested in learning media stuff.


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